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Jo. So, I've relocated myself for the time being. Visiting the folks and the lady and the friends and the weather... in Oklahoma. Also it seems that a 1.34 gig file has DISAPPEARED from this hard drive (keep holdin', future guildies, I'm tryin'). But yes, at minimal outpost tech provisions, I hope to have brought enough to still do my work- OH!! Pa Pa has a SCANNER!
- Ahem, yes, no worries.
Now to just upload and install everything, and it's on. Uh... hope you all's Thanksgiving was cool. ... Let's just make it known I wish everyone the best always (the GOOD people, that is), so's that I don't sound sarcastic or lame when actually WISHING you all the best.
... I'm getting better at these news posts. Keep workin' with me. HAH!

posted by Skytzo @ November 30th, 2008, 2:32 pm  -  0 Comments

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