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Even as I type this, I'm an outlaw. A vigilante, hastily and desperately striving to get a message out to his readers... while at work. That message: ARRRRGHH TEH INTERNETS ELUDE ME!
It's been more than a month, the "more" you can contribute to AT&T signing me up when they didn't even know for sure if I could get the service on the day stated it was to be activated.
Or did they?
Either way, hopefully -FAITHFULLY- it'll be on within the week. If not, time to sell out to the Monopoly. You heard me, SHAPE UP OR I'M GOING CABLE. Final warning for them, final apology to you (at least about this matter 0_o).

Hope you enjoy the guest comic (or rather tag-save to keep MY comic alive) by Liquid K.

Please enjoy it, I think he -9999'd himself after he drew it, and self KO'd after he posted it.

posted by Skytzo @ August 27th, 2008, 10:17 am  -  0 Comments

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